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The big picture.

Lifebytes Lifestyle

What makes the perfect photo? Is it one that’s taken with an expensive camera? Or perhaps one which has been edited to perfection? For Raymond...

Business and (gastronomic) pleasure.

Lifebytes Lifestyle

A meal isn’t always just a meal. Sometimes, a meal could even mark the start of a new business venture. Selecting the right venue for...

Make your own Currywurst.

Lifebytes Lifestyle

You might already know that Currywurst is a common German fast food dish. What you probably didn’t know is that Volkswagen prepares and serves their...

Girl talk.

Lifebytes Lifestyle

Think men can park better than women? Think again. After surveying some 7,000 men and women drivers in Germany, Professor Doris Kortus-Schultes, founder of the...

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