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Safe tips for rainy days.

Me and My VW Car Care Tips

Have the recent downpours got you worried about driving safely on the roads? Then read on for some quick tips to keep your Volkswagen running...

All about that bass (and treble).

Lifebytes Innovation

It’s rare to find someone who’s a stranger to the stylish features of the Golf GTI. But if you’ve taken a ride in the sporty...

QUIZ: How ŠKODA smart are you?.

Lifebytes Cars

How savvy a ŠKODA fan are you? Or do you have an eye for detail? If you think you’re the ultimate ŠKODA fan, or just...

5 facts you probably didn’t know about ŠKODA.

Lifebytes Cars

You probably already know that ŠKODA cars come packed with plenty of clever features to make every drive a pleasure. But did you know that...

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