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The Volkswagen Party Quiz.

Lifebytes Lifestyle

Looking for a fun way to pass the time with your friends? Try this cool quiz to see who’s most deserving of the title of...

Birthday wishes do come true.

Me and My VW Owner Stories

Just one timely SMS was all it took to give this lucky Volkswagen owner the chance to drive the new Golf Variant for four whole...

5 expert tips for the road trip of the year.

Me and My VW Car Care Tips

So you’re all set for that road trip you’ve been planning all year. You’ve got your suitcases packed, tidbits stacked and loved ones raring to...

4 easy steps for helping wheelchair-bound passengers.

Lifebytes Lifestyle

Travelling with wheelchair-bound passengers but not sure how to help them into your Volkswagen or ŠKODA? The experts at CaregiverAsia share some quick tips on...

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