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Travelling with wheelchair-bound passengers but not sure how to help them into your Volkswagen or ŠKODA? The experts at CaregiverAsia share some quick tips on helping wheelchair-bound passengers onto your vehicle. Learn more below!



Step 1: Ensure there is adequate space.

Start by first opening the passenger door as far out as possible. Then, move the side of the wheelchair as close to the car seat as you can. Be sure to lock the chair’s wheels and move both footrests out of the way.



Step 2: Bend and stand.

Position yourself so that you are directly facing your companion. Let him know what you are about to do next. Then bend your knees and hips, lowering yourself to his seating level. Hold on to the transfer belt around his waist and slowly help him to stand, while straightening your hips and knees. If his knees are too weak, you should brace his knees with yours for better support.



Step 3: Get seated.

Now that he is standing, angle his body so that he can slowly lower himself comfortably onto the car seat. Also, be careful and ensure that he does not hit his head on the way in.



Step 4: Keep secure.

Place your hands under his knees and lift his legs into the car. Turn him so that he faces the front of your vehicle. Assist him in putting on his seat belt before carefully closing the door.


Important tips to remember:

  • For safety, have your wheelchair-bound companion place his arms around your hips for better support. Do not place his arms around your neck.
  • When helping your companion up, do not lift him. Let him stand using his own strength.
  • Be sure to stay close to your passenger during the transfer to keep his weight close to your centre of gravity. This will give you better balance.
  • If you’re aware that your passenger has a weakness on one side of his body due to a cerebral vascular accident or stroke, place the wheelchair close to the car on his stronger side.


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