5 easy ways to increase your car’s resale value.

COE prices have fallen, and you’ve decided on getting a shiny new Passat – so it’s time to re-home your trusty Jetta that has served well for the past few years. Getting exposed to outdoor carparks and ferrying the kids around has taken its toll, and the car now looks a bit worn.

No one likes a dirty and tired vehicle – especially not a prospective owner. By simply spending some time and effort, you could increase your car’s resale value by up to SGD $3,000, according to CNN. If you’ve no idea how to, don’t worry. Here are five tips you can follow to get some extra cash back.

increase-car-resale-value_icons-01Tip One: First impressions count – Invest in an exterior detailing package.

Your car’s exterior is the first thing the prospective owner will see, whether in pictures or when they turn up to view the car in person. Everything from sunlight to rain to bird droppings can affect the condition of your paint, causing damage and fading over the course of a few years. Detailing packages of varying levels are available in the market, from a simple polish and wax to paint protection coatings. When your car is sparkly clean, it gives the impression that it’s been well-maintained and cared for by a dedicated owner. To find out how we can help you revitalise the paintwork of your vehicle, click here!

increase-car-resale-value_icons-02Tip Two: Interior improvements – Tidy up your car’s cabin.

Your car’s interior is where the driver will be for prolonged periods of time, making it the second most important aspect when sprucing up your vehicle. If a professional job is slightly over your budget, it should take you about an hour to tidy up the interior yourself. Give the dashboard a wipe-down to remove dust, and clean out the cup holders or other storage areas to remove built-up grime. Vacuum and clean the carpets thoroughly, and apply leather conditioner to keep your seats looking like new. As a finishing touch, clean the glass with spray-on glass cleaner to remove any spots or fingerprints. To ensure the best for your car, we recommend that you use Volkswagen Genuine car care products. Find out more from our Parts Advisor by calling 6305 7285 today!

increase-car-resale-value_icons-03Tip Three: Fix ‘er up – Make some minor repairs.

The number one way to send prospective buyers running is a big yellow warning light staring them in the eye once they get into the driver’s seat. Avoid situations like that by making minor fixes that can be done quickly and easily at home, like topping up essential fluids such as engine oil and brake fluid. If it’s time to stock up on these essentials, check out our Ready-to-go Package here! For other issues that can’t be resolved by yourself, have them rectified by our expert technicians at the Volkswagen Alexandra or MacPherson service centre.

increase-car-resale-value_icons-04Tip Four: Tyred out – Replace worn tyres.

Here’s an often overlooked aspect when it comes to selling your car. Perform a simple visual inspection of your tyres. Are they holding air? Are they cracked or damaged in any way? How much tread do they have? If they’re worn or damaged in any way, do consider replacing them with a new set – they might cost a bit more upfront, but will most likely pay for itself with the higher price you can command for the added peace of mind. Lighten the blow and take advantage of our ongoing tyre promotion – you’ll save up to $276 on a set of European-made Pirelli tyres! To learn more about tyre care, read up on some useful tips here!

increase-car-resale-value_icons-05Tip Five: Proper paperwork – Historical importance.

Tidy up and documents you might have, and organise them in a file or binder. Your log card, purchase invoice and owner’s manual should be intact, as well as any service records or receipts for parts. This shows the prospective buyer that you cared for the car, and also gives them a full view of items that have been replaced or fixed during the course of the car’s life – giving them one less reason to haggle! For added peace of mind, bring your Volkswagen down to our Dialogue Reception for our technicians to scrutinise your car for any issues.