5 expert tips for the road trip of the year.

So you’re all set for that road trip you’ve been planning all year. You’ve got your suitcases packed, tidbits stacked and loved ones raring to go! But before you go, here are some tips from Jason Chew of PITCREW to make the journey ahead even smoother. As part of PITCREW, Jason has organised many exciting drive trips, including the recent Golf media drive – so you know you’ll be getting the best advice possible. Read on to find out what he has to say!

volkslife_5-expert-tips-for-roadtrip-01Plan your route.

Jason stresses that “situational awareness” is key to every successful holiday. As such, he advises to always pre-plan routes before you drive. Some recommended apps include Google Maps or Waze which are useful in allowing you to gauge distance and driving time. During the drive, these apps can also provide you with updates on accidents, detours and alerts so you’ll always be on the best possible route. Jason also suggests informing family or friends back home of your travel plans, in case of any unforeseen incidents.


volkslife_5-expert-tips-for-roadtrip-02Don’t get hangry.

You might have already marked out food stops along the way but sometimes things might not always go according to plan. As such, always aim to load up your car with enough bottles of water to stay hydrated. Petrol stations are also the best places to stock up on snacks and drinks while filling up your tank.

While on holiday, it’s always a good idea to sample different types of food – whether you decide to dine at a fancy restaurant or a road side stall. But as Jason points out, “Everyone has different food tolerances. So as a rule of thumb, if it looks dodgy, don’t eat it.” He also advises to bring along some essential medication for food poisoning should it happen along the way.


volkslife_5-expert-tips-for-roadtrip-03Get locked and loaded.

Whether you’re at the petrol kiosk, shopping mall carpark or the like, never leave your car doors unlocked – even if it’s just for a quick minute while you grab a soda or pay your petrol tab! It’s always better to err on the side of caution.


volkslife_5-expert-tips-for-roadtrip-04Get enough Zzz’s.

You’ve probably heard that driving late at night or early in the morning will help avoid traffic jams. This is fine for seasoned drivers, but if you’re new to driving long distance, Jason advises to stick to travelling during the daytime. “You’ll be surprised how much scenery changes in daylight and night time,” he explains.

Similarly too, never drive when you’re feeling tired. Always get ample rest the night before the drive. Drowsy drivers have a much slower reaction time. If you start feeling tired mid-way through the drive, switch it up and share driving duties with a fellow driver.


volkslife_5-expert-tips-for-roadtrip-05Travel with friends.

Road trips are always more enjoyable when done with friends or loved ones. But because everyone has different interests and expectations, it’s advisable to plan out the itinerary and activities in advance. A little give and take goes a long way! But of course, Jason acknowledges that road trips are supposed to be fun and filled with adventure! As he aptly puts it, “Everyone deserves a little wanderlust. So stop dreaming and start driving.”


volkslife_5-expert-tips-for-roadtrip-06Road trip must-do’s from PITCREW:

  1. Save weight and petrol by unloading everything that’s not needed for the trip.
  2. Bugs are a menace to windscreen wipers so to prevent this problem, fill up your windscreen wiper reservoir and add in a little soap detergent.
  3. As tyres are your only contact with the road, ensuring that they have sufficient thread depth and are pumped to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. Unsure if they’re good to go? Swing by the Dialogue Reception at our service centres for a quick check!
  4. Remove any clutter from your car. You’ll not only save weight and petrol by offloading things you don’t need for the trip, but also prevents loose items from flying around your car in the event of an accident.
  5. Before your road trip, send your car for servicing. This allows mechanics to spot any possible issues before your trip. Volkswagen owners can find out more here, and ŠKODA owners can learn more here!


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