5 ways to get the best out of your Volkswagen.

From fuel saving tips to advice on how to prolong the paintwork of your car, we suggest five easy points on how you can get the best out of your Volkswagen.

11. Keep an auto log to monitor fuel consumption
With petrol so expensive, you’d want to save as much fuel as you can (that’s why you bought a Volkswagen, right?). But how do you keep track of how much petrol you’re really consuming? By keeping your own fuel consumption log! Many apps exist that help you calculate your fuel mileage, and you can challenge yourself by varying your driving style to keep improving fuel mileage. After all, who doesn’t like getting high scores?


32. Check engine oil periodically
It’s as easy as popping the bonnet, taking the dipstick out and ensuring that your engine oil is filled to the required level. After all, insufficient oil means the engine has to work much harder to overcome the lack of lubrication. This generates more heat and friction, decreasing power and increasing the chance of overheating.


53. Maintain proper tyre inflation
Arguably the most important of our car care tips: maintaining proper tyre pressures affects not just fuel consumption and tyre wear, but safety too. Under-inflated tyres have more contact with the road, increasing friction and thus the chance of overheating, while over-inflated tyres decrease the amount of grip your car has.


24. Use a wash mitt rather than sponge to clean your car
Did you know that using a sponge can damage your paint? Tiny particles of dirt get embedded in the surface of the sponge, causing small, unsightly scratches that accumulate over time and dull the paint job. Wash mitts are usually made of microfibre or even wool – much softer materials that gently pick off the grime without scratching your paint.


45. Remove unnecessary weight in the car
Although the plethora of storage spaces inside your Volkswagen means you can store a massive amount of stuff inside, don’t be tempted to. Unnecessary weight increases fuel economy, so using your car as a mobile storeroom can escalate your fuel consumption – 2% for every 40 kg. So unless you use your sports gear, car washing products and office paperwork everyday, they’re better off stored at home.