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With World Cup fever at an all-time high, you’ve probably planned on where to watch the last few matches. While some free-to-air channels will be screening selected matches for your viewing pleasure at home, we believe that there’s no better way to experience the beautiful game than by soaking up the atmosphere with a crowd of passionate fans!

Whether you prefer watching the games at your neighbourhood community centre or your favourite eatery, finding a good spot to park your Volkswagen may be tricky! Neymar-mind, we’ve narrowed down some of the best venues where you can spend less time trying to find a parking spot, and more time enjoying the game!

world-cup_8-places_buona-vista-cc(Image credit: OnePA)

Watch at: Buona Vista CC

Park at: Large multi-storey carpark across the road (map

Pay: $0.60/30min (regular HDB parking rates)

If you were thinking about watching the matches at one of the eateries at the popular Holland Village, we’d recommend taking a short drive over to Buona Vista CC instead. Not only will you get to watch the match with some amazing Kompany in the comforts of their Multi-Purpose Hall, there’ll also be games and prizes to be won. Click here to find out more!


world-cup_8-places_cafe-football(Image credits: Café Football Facebook)

Watch at: Café Football, The Arena

Park at: On-site carpark (map

Pay: Nothing!

A little known gathering spot for football enthusiasts of all ages, Café Football promises tasty treats and a truly exhilarating atmosphere! Would you expect anything less from a café started by football legends Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs? Nope, we didn’t think so either. Plus, free parking!


world-cup_8-places_safra_toa-payoh(Image credits: CPG Consultants)

Watch at: SAFRA Toa Payoh

Park at: On-site underground carpark (map

Pay: $2.40/entry (SAFRA members), $4.00/entry (public)

So when an exciting match carries on into injury time, extra time… and then the pressure inducing penalties, the last thing you want to be thinking of is how much more you need to pay for your hourly parking fees. That’s why we’re immensely grateful for places like SAFRA Toa Payoh that charge parking per entry!


world-cup_8-places_heartbeat-at-bedok(Image credits: Heartbeat @ Bedok)

Watch at: Heartbeat@Bedok, Kampong Chai Chee CC 

Park at: Large underground carpark (map

Pay: $0.02/min

When there are limited parking spaces and a hot match that everyone’s been talking about, let’s just say that things could get a little Messi. But Easties rejoice, because Heartbeat@Bedok features a large underground carpark so you’ll never have to worry. With a good selection of eateries in the area, your tummies will celebrate too!


world-cup_8-places_Worldcup T3(Image credits: Changi Airport) 

Watch at: Changi Airport Terminal 3

Park at: On-site large carpark (map)

Pay: $0.04/min

So Changi Airport may Neuer have crossed your mind when your friend invited you out to watch a game. But, if you’re looking for a visual treat and a thoroughly exciting atmosphere, then head down to Terminal 3, near the Skytrain station to Terminal 1. There, you’ll be able to watch your favourite players on a 7 metre by 4 metre high-definition LED screen, and sink into some cosy football bean bags!


world-cup_8-places_hillview-cc(Image credits: Hillview CC Facebook) 

Watch at: Hillview CC

Park at: HillV2 mall carpark (map)

Pay: $1.07 for first hour, $0.64 for subsequent 30 min

If you’re living in the West, this may Pique your interest. Though there are several community clubs scattered in the area, the Hillview CC is our pick mainly because of the nearby HillV2 mall carpark. Shop to your heart’s content at the mall, and when you’re done, cross over to the Hillview CC to get your football game on!


world-cup_8-places_OCBC_Square_2(Image credits: Archdaily)

Watch at: Singapore Sports Hub

Park at: On-site large underground carpark (map)

Pay: $0.64/30min

In line with their Festival of Football, the Singapore Sports Hub will be screening all the World Cup matches, while also showcasing music from popular local bands, comedy acts and even celebrity appearances. Plus, being situated at a convenient location with ample parking makes it a venue that just Kane-not be missed! Find out more here!


world-cup_8-places_our-tampines-hub(Image credits: Our Tampines Hub)

Watch at: Our Tampines Hub

Park at: On-site large underground carpark (map)

Pay: $2.40/entry (6:01pm-11:59pm), $0.02/min (12mn-6:00pm)

Residents of Tampines, you may feel the urge to perform the signature Icelandic thunder clap after reading this. Our Tampines Hub will be screening the matches live at either their Festive Plaza or the Town Square, depending on the date. Plus, they’re offering free admission and numerous fringe activities to keep your occupied while waiting for the games to start. Best of all, parking’s easily available at their underground carpark!