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Technical Trainer Muliyadi Bin Nenpari, or Yadi, as he is affectionately known, is probably the most technically knowledgeable person in the company. Yet he sees himself more as a coach passing on not just technical skills, but life skills to those he trains.

1A Volkswagen Technical Trainer for more than 10 years, Yadi is the first to be sent to master any new technology that Volkswagen develops. His job is then to impart the knowledge to the technical staff here. With training sessions every month, he is in a close proximity with VGS technicians, service advisors and apprentices.

Having seen technology evolve tremendously over the years, Yadi places a high importance on training. But to be an effective trainer, he believes that understanding his trainees and their learning capabilities is very crucial. “Everyone has a different level of digesting new information. I must be able to gauge which ones need more help, and be ready to guide them along,” he says with a broad smile.

With the apprenticeship programme at VGS, Yadi is also trainer to young undergrads from the Institute of Technical Education. “We need to be more than just a teacher to them. Being their friend is also important, as it makes them look forward to learning and coming to work,” he says of his apprentices.

When asked which Volkswagen technology Yadi is most impressed with over the years he has grown with the brand, he beams and answers, “There are too many! But our success in engine down-sizing with the use of direct injection and turbocharging is really amazing. When everyone was going bigger, Volkswagen TSI engines were going smaller, but still producing more power and better fuel economy. The DSG gearbox is another great piece of engineering. Having been with Volkswagen for more than 10 years, I stand by our products. We are always pushing the limits and leading the game!”