A family that drives together, stays together.

With three Volkswagen models in the family – a Golf SV for himself, a Scirocco for his elder son Alex, and a Caddy for his younger son Christopher – it’s no secret that Sales Manager Daniel Boey and his family are avid Volkswagen fans. And because good friends are just as close as family, Daniel even inspired his longtime friend, Mr Kwok, to purchase two Volkswagen cars of his own.




Hello! How did the two of you come to know each other?

Mr Kwok: We got to know each other years ago because our wives were colleagues, and our children were of similar ages.

Daniel: Yes, back then when the children were younger, we liked to go for outings in both Singapore and Malaysia – we would drive to Johor Bahru to look for food! We’ve ever driven in together (with our old cars) to buy durians straight from the plantation in Johor.

10Are these your first Volkswagen cars?

Daniel: This is my second Volkswagen – my first was a Jetta. I was looking to upgrade my Japanese sedan when my son Alex recommended a Volkswagen, telling me about the technology and performance offered, in a package that fit my budget. When he went to purchase his Scirocco over a year later, both my wife and I fell in love with the Golf SV parked in the showroom and we bought it on the spot. We collected the Golf SV and Scirocco on the same day!

Mr Kwok: I’ve owned this Tiguan for nearly a year – it’s my first Volkswagen but my daughter already owns a Polo. I visited the showroom together with Daniel when he purchased his Golf SV, and his sales executive Alice convinced me that a Tiguan would fit my needs. She offered me a good deal back in December last year, so I bought it.

Alex: I’ve had an Italian and Japanese car before this, but I’ve always wanted a Scirocco ever since it was launched back in 2008. It’s a dream come true!

Christopher: It’s not just my first Volkswagen but also my very first vehicle, and the Caddy was a bit of a no-brainer since I needed the functionality and the space for my business. Also, since my dad and brother drive Volkswagen cars, I had to follow the trend!


4You’ve all owned your cars for a while, could you tell us what are some of your favourite features of your Volkswagen?

Daniel: The Golf SV is really comfortable. Legroom and cabin space are fantastic, even at the back. The design is also quite unique, considering how there are not many other cars within the same category.

Mr Kwok: I love the power the Tiguan gives me. The ride is also very comfortable, and there’s less body roll – it offers excellent road holding and stability. Travelling at 150-160 km/h in Malaysia isn’t an issue!

Alex: I like the design of the Scirocco, and I’ve always felt that it’s a very timeless design. The handling is excellent, and it’s pretty powerful for a 1.4L coupe. The fuel economy’s pretty good too – both for a 1.4L and considering the power it packs.

Christopher: For me, the space is top priority, followed by fuel efficiency. I can get up to 900 km on a full tank, so that’s definitely a plus point for the Caddy!


Could you describe your Volkswagen in 3 words?

Alex: Sleek, powerful and economical.

Mr Kwok: Hmmm, 3 words… I love it!

Daniel: I’d say the same thing!


2Do you have any favourite Volkswagen models, or are you eyeing any other model for your next car?

Daniel: I’m looking at the new T-Roc, or any other new SUVs that are coming out. After I’ve owned a Volkswagen, I’d like to stick with the brand – there’s so much heritage and history. Years ago when I was a small boy, my grandfather was driving a Beetle, so Volkswagen ownership for me is partially sentimental.

Mr Kwok: I’m not looking to change cars at the moment since I’ve driven the Tiguan for only less than a year – maybe by the time I’m ready to change, there’ll be new models!

Alex: The Scirocco is already my favourite Volkswagen model and my dream car, so no, certainly sticking with it!

Christopher: Anything that works, really. For private use I guess I’ll still choose something with utility, so the Caddy Maxi or Golf Variant.


9Lastly, would you say that there are any similarities between you and your cars?

Daniel: I like a sporty and trendy car despite my age. Even though I’m in my 60s, a boring car won’t cut it – I want to drive something trendy, which is also why I chose a black car!

Mr Kwok: It’s outdoorsy and sporty, which is similar to my personality. I go cycling in my free time, so the Tiguan’s character and space fits my lifestyle.