Birthday wishes do come true.

Just one timely SMS was all it took to give this lucky Volkswagen owner the chance to drive the new Golf Variant for four whole days (and on his birthday nonetheless)! We caught up with Jetta owner Saharil Bin Muntahar, and his wife Hariaty Yan to find out more about their experience.


Hi Saharil and Hariaty! Care to share more about how you found out that you won the contest?

Saharil: Well… it was really a surprise!

Hariaty: (laughing) Yes, he thought it was some kind of trick!

S: I’d just finished my Friday prayers when I got the call from Volkswagen letting me know I could take the Golf Variant out for 4 days. I was skeptical but then then they explained it was because I was the winner of an SMS contest I had participated in. I was thrilled! Also, it happened to coincide with my birthday!


volkslife_birthday-wish_5Cool! So how did you spend your birthday?

S: Oh we had a lot of fun! We drove to town to see the Christmas lights, then all the way up to Changi Airport. It was a great experience and I’m really appreciative of it.

H: We also took our son out with us and he was super impressed. He got all excited about having the sunroof cover open so he could look out!


volkslife_birthday-wish_4Sounds like fun! What other features of the Golf Variant did you like?

S: I thought we were just going to get a standard spec car, but we got the R-Line! (smiles) I noticed the petrol consumption was really good, and I love the flat bottom steering too. I also liked how the touch screen was really wide. It’s like you can access everything with just one touch. The seats were also bolstered and comfy – my wife enjoyed that. (Hariaty nods) Plus, I tested out Sport mode – you can reallyyy feel the pick up!

H: (laughing) As you can tell, we all enjoyed it very much. By the end of the ride my son was trying to convince us to change our current car to the Golf Variant.


Excellent! What car do you drive now?

S: I currently drive the Jetta – the one with 160 PS of power. I love the car because the petrol consumption is amazing. Usually we top up the petrol maybe only twice a month?



Ah, so I imagine you’ve been on quite a few road trips?

S: Yes, actually we have! We used to drive up to Malacca quite often, so much so that my friends always ask me what I do up there. (laughs) But my favourite thing about it is the drive up. We’d head up via Second Link – have our breakfast and then make our way up slowly. But recently, I’ve stopped driving up – age catches up, you get busy, you know? Hopefully my son will be able to get his license soon and continue the tradition!



Let’s hope so! Is your son close to getting his license?

S: My son is going to enlist for National Service soon, so hopefully soon enough! My daughter is much younger so it will take a while till she reaches the driving age. I did manage to send her to school in the Golf Variant the other day though! They’re both really good kids.


Aww, you sound really proud of them!  

S: Yes, we are. I work as a Prison Officer, you see. So I’ve seen how some kids make mistakes when they’re led on the wrong path. So I try my best to make sure my kids stay on the right track.

H: Yes, I think we both believe guiding them is very important. As parents, we’re pretty open. We give them the freedom to do what they like but make sure we’re there for them when they need guidance.

S: Definitely. That’s why our time with the Golf Variant has been so special – we’re really glad we got to take them out for rides and share this experience with them too!

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