Creative eats and sweet treats.

As the Chief Operating Officer of Creative Eateries, Bonnie Wong oversees the business that her father founded since she was a child. Despite her always being on-the-move, we managed to catch up with her at their Bangkok Jam outlet at Bugis+ to speak to her about two of our favourite topics – food and cars, of course!


Hi Bonnie, please tell us more about Creative Eateries!

creative-eateries_4Sure! Creative Eateries is a company that was started 26 years ago here in Singapore. We focus on creating memorable dining experiences and have restaurants serving up a wide range of cuisines from Western, Thai, Japanese and even Taiwanese fare. We always aim to create different and interesting concepts for customers.


Who comes up with the new restaurant concepts?

The job still lies very much with our CEO who is a very creative person. We travel a lot and are inspired by what we see around the world. But many of the concepts are crafted and localised before they reach customers in Singapore.


Have you always wanted to join the F&B industry?


I’ve been very much a part of this business since my father founded it when I was a kid. He is my mentor and I’ve learnt everything I know from him. I guess a part of me always wanted to run a business, so it was only natural for me to take up this role in the company.


This Bangkok Jam outlet we’re at looks really cool!


Indeed it is. This is the third evolution of the Bangkok Jam concept and we have 12 Thai chefs who craft our menu for all the outlets. The focus is currently on creating some of the best Thai desserts, must-try is the Green with Envy uses our own home-made Thai Green Milk Tea snow ice.

snow ice green


Sounds delicious! Aside from that, what is your favourite dish on the menu?

I love the Tom Yum Goong. I know it sounds unexciting, but I really love how yummy and easy it is for me to enjoy.


Let’s find out more about that black Volkswagen Jetta of yours. How long have you had it and what made you decide to purchase it?

I’ve had it since 2016, so it’s almost two years old. I really like how solid it feels and the beige interior is really classy. It’s also a very handsome looking car.


Is the car used mainly for work or play?

Both actually. It’s spacious enough for me to fit my team in and we go everywhere in it. As I’m expecting our first child, it will have to double up as a family car soon too!


Congratulations, more happy memories to share in the car then! So tell us, if your Jetta was a type of meal, what would it be?

I’d say chicken soup. Because it’s the sort of car that is dependable, brings you comfort and is always there.


Nice. If you ever had a chance to upgrade your Jetta, what do you think you’ll go for?

I like the Arteon! It’s really sleek and stylish, yet it’s a spacious family sedan.


Did you know that Volkswagen owners can enjoy special birthday privileges from many Creative Eateries outlets? Click here to find out more!