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Get your Volkswagen checked and ready to go in 15-minutes.

Ever wished you could have an expert check on your car’s condition or help you detect the source of that rattling sound? Well now you can, and it’s absolutely free of charge too!

Be it a specific diagnosis or a quick check-up, Volkswagen’s Dialogue Reception is here to help. Perhaps you’ve experienced a blown bulb, or maybe a rattle developed after you crossed that pot-hole. No worries. Simply drive into any Volkswagen Centre Singapore Dialogue Reception and the team will tend to your car.

Volkswagen-Dialogue-Reception-Checkup“Our customers have a tight schedule and sometimes the issue is a very small one, so booking an appointment would take a long time. That’s where we come in,” says Michael Ong, a Diagnostics Tester who has been with Volkswagen for more than eight years. “The Dialogue Reception is a fast and efficient service and is easily accessible, as it is located on the ground floor of every VCS location,” he adds.
“All it takes is 15 minutes and we would be able to identify what the car needs.” Michael continues to explain that if the job is simple enough, like a light bulb replacement or a battery change, it can be carried out on the spot. Customers just need to pay for the parts that are not under warranty, and the Dialogue Reception team of technicians will start work on the car immediately.


Volkswagen-Dialogue-Reception-Tyre-CheckHaving your car checked at the Dialogue Reception also helps to prevent acute issues from turning into big ones. “We use a lifting platform to evaluate the car from all sides, and the customer is welcome to join us as we examine the car,” Michael shares. All major components are checked for their optimum functionality, even minor deficiencies are detected early and customers are informed of them on the spot. This allows transparency in the way the checks are carried out. “Our technicians will advise the customers fairly and honestly, and they will be happy to share what they can safely defer to their next servicing appointment. Customers are not obligated to change any parts unless they are comfortable doing so,” Michael reassures.


Available at Volkswagen Centre Singapore (Alexandra) and Volkswagen Centre Singapore (MacPherson), the Dialogue Reception is open from 8am to 6pm, Mondays to Fridays, and from 8:30am to 12:30pm on Saturdays. Hassle-free and obligation-free, remember the complimentary Dialogue Reception the next time you need a speedy check!

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