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He may be new to fatherhood, but one thing he’s used to is doing his best for his team at Volkswagen. Read on to find out why Taming bin Tupani, the Workshop Manager at the Alexandra service centre left his job as a banker to work for Volkswagen.


Hi Taming! Could you tell us more about what you do?

As a Workshop Manager, I manage workshop capacity and coordinate whatever tasks are assigned to the workshop. But like most other jobs here at Volkswagen, our objective is to do a great job to keep our customers happy – I’ve seen it in Malaysia too.

Oh! You were based in Malaysia? Was it similar to the work you do here?

Yup, I worked as a banker first, but realised it wasn’t for me. So I joined the automotive industry, and eventually served Volkswagen as a Region Manager for 5 years. The work I handled there was more ‘macro’ as I had to liaise with a group of dealers in the northern region of Malaysia and studied the whole market. My job now is more hands-on, I get to see first-hand the types of technical issues customers may be facing so it’s more customer oriented. I think at the end of the day, it’s all about exposure, and I’m happy that Volkswagen has given me the chance to see the complete picture! (laughs)

Taming-bin-Tupani-portraitWhat are the main challenges of your job?

It would probably be managing customer expectations. The work we do at workshops is very technical and sometimes there are certain characteristics of the car that customers might not fully understand so it’s our job to help explain these things to them. Other times faults may be intermittent – only emerging once in a while. So our technicians have to recreate the fault in order to repair it – so this can be pretty tricky too.

Why should customers choose to service their cars at Volkswagen?

Apart from the warranty, we have a big facility so you can relax while your car is serviced. Plus, as a direct subsidiary, we get information, updates and support directly from Germany. Our technicians are experts in their field – because they’re so familiar with Volkswagen cars, they’ll know how to help you out with any issues you may be facing the best, and in the shortest time possible.

What’s the working environment like at Volkswagen?

The staff here are very committed and disciplined. When my teammates are assigned jobs, they have a sense of ownership – they get it done quickly so I don’t really need to “chase” them to meet deadlines. At the workshop, we need to do a great job at a fast pace. So having a team who shares the same vision is very important.

What are your favourite Volkswagen technologies?

There are so many! But if I had to choose one, I’d say the Adaptive Cruise Control function (ACC) that I got to try on the new Tiguan. It’s super useful in traffic jams because you just have to set the distance and then it automatically brakes or slows down.

Do you have a favourite Volkswagen?

Actually I used to drive the Polo Sedan in Malaysia, also called the Vento. But I’ve always loved the Scirocco! We just had a newborn in the family, so it’s the Golf Variant for me now because we’re probably going to need more space!