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Shankar Sudhakaran is a soft-spoken and affable man. But when it comes to safety, this Quality Controller doesn’t mince his words. He takes his job very seriously – checking every aspect of a tyre, ensuring proper pressure and adequate thread depth. Read on to find out more!

shankar3There must be a lot of pressure being in your job position. Could you share with us a bit more about what you do?

I’m one of the quality controllers at the Volkswagen service centre in MacPherson. It is my job to ensure that all the cars go out in tip top condition. Safety is paramount. The customers’ lives are in our hands, so we don’t make any compromises.

Can you tell us what are some things people tend to overlook in the area of safety?

It is common for drivers to not regularly check how much thread depth is left on the tyres, or if their wipers are working effectively. Light bulbs are items that drivers can’t see when they are in operation, so these are also often overlooked.

shankar2How does Volkswagen ensure that the cars that leave the service centre are safe and road-worthy?

We check everything. We have an extensive checklist that covers every aspect of the car. If customers’ cars are not due for a service, they can drive in to our Dialogue Reception for a quick check instead!

Any final advice on safety to our readers?

Use only Volkswagen Original products. They have been tested and proven to work best for your car. Having been a technician first, then a quality controller, I have seen many cases where third-party products have caused more problems than help. For instance, the genuine wiper blades have been engineered for our cars and will last longer than aftermarket ones. On one occasion, a Golf owner was complaining of tyre noise after using inferior tyres. We fitted a set of Volkswagen-approved tyres on to test, and the noise was gone. He was happy and immediately bought the tyres from us!