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These five safety features often fly under the radar but when the need arises, you’ll be glad you invested in a car that has them.

2High strength steel.

High-strength steel is not only lighter, but is also up to six times stronger than conventional steel. This, coupled with features such as a network of seven airbags, ensures the best possible protection for all passengers in the unfortunate event of an accident.



3Electronic Stabilisation Programme.

An Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP) helps prevent the vehicle from veering off-course. Sensors on each wheel monitor their rotation while the system adjusts engine output and brakes individual wheels when it detects skidding, so the driver always remains in full control.



4Automatic post-collision braking system.

An automatic post-collision braking system self-initiates the braking process after the car gets into a collision and slows it down to 10km/h. This reduces the severity of subsequent collisions and enables the driver to pull over safely.



5Electronic parking brake.

An electronic parking brake with the Auto Hold function helps prevent the car from rolling backwards on a slope. The absence of a conventional handbrake lever also frees up additional storage space on the centre console.



6Proactive occupant protective system.

The proactive occupant protection system comprises several safety features, including a strong bodyshell, an advanced seven-airbag system, active head restraints and an intelligent seat belt package. If the system detects potential accident situations such as hard braking through an activated brake assistant, seat belts in the front are automatically pre-tensioned to ensure maximum protection. In the event of a highly critical and unstable driving situation – such as severe oversteer or understeer with ESP intervention – the system closes all windows and the sunroof, leaving a small gap. This enables the head and side airbags to absorb crash energy optimally and perform at their maximum effectiveness.

If you’re in the market for a car that offers these five commonly overlooked but highly important safety features, you can check out the Volkswagen Golf SV. The safety features of the Golf SV have been put in place to ensure the best possible protection for all passengers in the unfortunate event of an accident. They are also testament to the strength and reliability of German engineering through Volkswagen. For more information on the Golf SV, click here!

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