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Derus Kwang, Aftersales Manager at the MacPherson service centre, is always on the move. From managing his team and the service centre, sharing good food with his teammates, to even finding time to exercise after work, this North-Eastie has it all covered. He’s putting all his energy into realising his ultimate goal: achieving hotel-like standards in Automotive service.     

volkslife_derus_6Hi Derus! Could you tell us more about what you do at 1 Kampong Ampat?
I’m the Aftersales Manager so I run the service centre here. Together with a Service Manager and Workshop Manager, I attend to customer service topics and keep my team working towards their goals.

volkslife_derus_1What goals do you have for the service centre?
My goal is to always achieve customer satisfaction and mobility. When customers send their cars in for servicing, we aim to do the best job possible in the shortest amount of time. At the same time, when customers visit us, we also try to ensure they feel comfortable, warm and welcome. That’s why I often encourage my team to build relationships with customers because I believe that’s where good service starts, and that’s also why many customers choose to come back to us.

volkslife_derus_7So how do you go about creating a warm environment for customers at MacPherson?
When it comes to customer service, we aim to provide the same service standards that you’d receive at a hotel. Everything we do is geared towards that. We even have a concierge-like service at the service centre lobby for owners when they drop off their cars during the morning peak hours. A member of staff guides customers to the right places and explains current promotions and services to them.

Wow, that’s pretty impressive!
I’m focused on this because I know what it’s like to walk into a shop and not know where to go. Or worse still, you get accosted by pushy sales people when you’re just trying to look at products. So we try to prevent this from happening at our service centre. We want customers to feel welcome but not overwhelmed.

“I often encourage my team to build relationships with customers because I believe that’s where good service starts.”

Your job sounds quite challenging! What do you do to unwind?
I’m a bit of a foodie. (laughs) So I look forward to lunches with my team. Sometimes we take a walk to Ali Khan across the road for thosai. If I have a little more time, I’ll visit Old Airport Road hawker centre for pasta – there’s a shop there called Pasta Manna that’s run by an ex-chef! Oh, there’s also nasi lemak at PappaRich at One KM mall, only a short drive away from here…

Okay, you’ve got us all hungry now! You do seem to know a lot about this area though!
Yes, I actually stay in the north-east. So to balance out all that food, I go running at Punggol Waterway. On lazier days, you’ll find me watching football at home with my son – I’m a diehard Liverpool fan!

volkslife_derus_5So we hear you’ve been with Volkswagen for over 7 years now. What’s kept you in this line for so long?
I’ve liked cars since I was a kid. I knew all the famous car brands and models – so joining the industry was a given for me. But as to why I chose Volkswagen? I love the brand and the cars. Honestly, in terms of performance, handling and fuel economy, our cars are one of the best in the world. They’re pretty affordable too.

Have you had any memorable moments during your time at Volkswagen?
Many, but my favourite would have to be when we organised an event called Scirocco Ladies Day in 2011, and I had the chance to do handbrake turns and reverse flicks at the F1 pit with the aid of an instructor. It was really fun and I remember being so excited to be a part of it.

volkslife_derus_2Anything else you’d like to share with VolksLife readers?
I just want to say that I’m really proud of my team here. We’ve matured together over the years and everyone tries so hard to provide great service for our customers. I feel the service standards here have improved, but I believe there’s always room to do better so we are working towards that. I also want customers to know that if they come to Volkswagen MacPherson, they’re going to enjoy good service and have an experience to remember.

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