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Growing demand for Škoda cars saw the brand’s eventual return to the Singapore market last year. Since then, Škoda has launched award-winning cars and offers Singaporeans intuitive mobility at affordable prices. Under Volkswagen Group Singapore, Škoda was able to realign its brand and be better positioned to provide quality service and a holistic ownership experience not only with the cars, but with owner’s perks and reliable Aftersales support.

With 124 years of heritage, more than 1,000,000 car deliveries worldwide last year alone, a 6-fold increase in figures… we’re sure it’s easy to get caught up with all those numbers. Not to worry, we’ve narrowed down some key digits that show just how far the brand has come in recent years!

2018, Škoda was the most awarded car brand in Singapore with the award-winning Superb, Kodiaq and Octavia making significant contributions to its success. The Škoda Kodiaq was crowned ‘Car of the Year 2018’ by, ‘Best Seven-seater SUV’ at the 2018 ST-Torque Awards while The Straits Times Car of the Year Awards highlighted its comfort and space with the ‘Best Ergonomics’ award. Similarly too, the Superb also clinched the ‘Best Sedan’ award at the ST-Torque Awards. We’ve certainly come a long way in one year!


Škoda’s millionth SUV rolled off the production line in August 2018. The popularity of its SUVs continues to grow, with customers in Singapore being able to choose between Škoda’s Kodiaq and Karoq models.


In the world’s largest sales market, China, the Czech manufacturer’s deliveries increased to 341,000 vehicles in 2018, a 4.9% jump from 325,000 vehicles in 2017.



The number of SUV models (Karoq and Kodiaq) that were delivered in 2018.


getting-down-to-the-digits-04The number of years the vocational school for mechanical engineering in Mladá Boleslav. Since its establishment, around 22,000 apprentices have graduated during this time. Currently, almost 900 full-time apprentices are enrolled in 14 vocational courses.



The number of years of successful cooperation between Volkswagen and Škoda.



getting-down-to-the-digits-022018 saw the brand enjoying a six-fold increase in sales figures, from regional market leader to an award-winning brand in over 100 markets worldwide.



Škoda cars are backed by 124 years of heritage, global R&D capabilities and award-winning excellence.




getting-down-to-the-digits-06The number of total cars sold in Singapore in 2018. Best year ever!




The Škoda Singapore showroom occupies a space of 940 metres square.




getting-down-to-the-digits-010The number of highly qualified specialists who are employed in the technology, development and design centre in Mladá Boleslav. They are responsible for designing high-quality cars with the typical Škoda advantages such as above-average space, great functionality and future-oriented technology.



The number of Octavia models produced in the Czech Republic in 2018. This was the largest number ever recorded!


getting-down-to-the-digits-20The number of Škoda Octavia models delivered in 2018.


getting-down-to-the-digits-20The number of vehicles that were produced in the Czech Republic in 2018. This was the largest ever number in the brand’s 124 year history.




getting-down-to-the-digits-18The overall number of Škoda car deliveries worldwide to customers in 2018.range

Now that you’ve got those numbers down, why not try your hand at this quiz to show your Škoda smarts?