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If you appreciate the finer things in life and are a firm believer in expressing your own individuality, you’re going to want a ride that stands out from the sea of cars on the road. Whether you’re looking to impress your clients at your next business lunch, or even just want a more stylish option to your family car, you’ll probably know what we mean. Unfortunately, style sometimes comes at a hefty price – often times sacrificing functionality for the sake of good looks.

That’s where the R-Line package comes in.

More than just a trim, the R-Line package offers premium features and sport styling. Some models too come with better performance. Exterior features can range from unique front and rear bumpers, glossy black diffusers or even larger wheels. On the inside, drivers can look forward to stainless-steel sport pedal covers, R-Line branded door sills and more. What sets the R-Line models apart is the fact that you’ll be able to enjoy a Volkswagen model that’s right for you, but still relish the stylish, sporty details that set you apart. It is form, function and individuality all in one affordable package.

Volkswagen Passat Variant R-Line

There’s always room for style.

Estate cars, or wagons, have recently been making a comeback for not only being sleek, hip alternatives to a regular ride, but also because of the vast amount of space they offer. The Passat Variant R-Line features 650 litres of luggage space, while the Golf Variant R-Line offers 605 litres of luggage space (1,620 litres with the rear seats folded down).

So whether you’re taking your fam out for a trip across the border, or just in need of more space for your golf clubs or exercise equipment, these estate cars have you set. To up your hipster quotient just a little more, their sporty R-Line styling package includes side sill extensions, roof-edge spoilers, R-Line bumpers and more. Now who says you can’t be practical and cool at the same time?


Perfecting a work of art.

If you’ve seen the Arteon, you probably know what we mean when we say it’s a work of art. After all, it’s how this elegant sedan got its name. ‘Art’ describes the car’s outstanding lines and emotionality, while ‘eon’ defines it as a luxury model. So it’s no surprise that its distinctive avant-garde design and range of premium features have won over the hearts of many.

Its R-Line package further enhances its good looks with design elements of a classic sports car. Not only is its dynamic front end radiator grille the widest and deepest of the entire Volkswagen range, its sports car like bonnet and clamshell design gives it a fiercer, more dynamic profile too. Along with its wide range of assistance systems, intelligent technology and more, it’s the perfect blend of style and substance. We could go on, but perhaps it’s much better if you check out this captivating model yourselves.


Sport, sporty, sportiest.

If you’re in the market for an SUV for your active family, you’re probably looking for one that has the right mix of utility, sportiness and intelligence. The Tiguan R-Line Black Edition is all that and more. If you thought the Tiguan couldn’t get any more handsome than it already is, the R-Line version comes with 19-inch black alloy wheels, black roof rails and more special details that add to its masculine form.

But beyond just good looks, the R-Line edition also comes with a host of exciting technology not available on the base model. These include Adaptive Cruise Control that keeps you at a safe distance from vehicles in front while maintaining cruise speed, and Area View, an all-round camera system which provides a birds-eye view of the area around you. Plus, with the addition of a power-adjustable lumbar support in the front seats, you’ll never have to worry about back aches on long drives.


So if you’re looking for a car that’ll let you express your individuality while providing you with comfort,
functionality and smarts, then visit our showroom to learn more about the Volkswagen R-Line range today!