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Many car owners have heaped high praise on the efficient power delivery of TSI engines and how enjoyable it is to drive their cars. Do you also know that there is a safe and highly effective way to get a more powerful response from your car?



The answer lies in this Bluetooth Power Pedal created by a European tech company, now available for purchase at Volkswagen Singapore. The device allows you to control the various booster modes via an app on your smartphone. This enables real-time settings to be made even while you’re on the road.

volkslife_interstar-power-pedal_golf-tsiVolksLife had the opportunity to test-drive a Golf 1.0 TSI fitted with the Bluetooth Power Pedal, and we’re happy to report that the results were astounding!

We started the journey with the device turned off, and slowly moved up the three available modes. First up was the Dynamic mode. In this setting, the car immediately felt ‘lighter’ and more eager off the line.volkslife_interstar-power-pedal_change-mode-screen2

We then selected Sport mode, this was yet another eye-opener as the Golf 1.0 TSI suddenly felt like a larger car with a 2-litre engine. Throttle response was immediate and the car reacted with so much ferocity! The best part? We had not even turned it up all the way yet!

The final setting in this device is Race mode. As the name suggests, it is best used only if you intend to take the car on the track. This turns the car into an angry little monster that is always raring to go. Even the engine growl is louder and the acceleration was relentless. They should have called it Beast Mode instead!

volkslife_interstar-power-pedal_screen2The beauty of it all? All this extra punch is achieved without altering your engine’s horsepower and does not void your existing warranty. Forget expensive and illegal modifications, the affordable and effective Bluetooth Power Pedal is a must-have.

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