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If you firmly believe that ‘less is more’, a minimalist style kitchen and bathroom is likely what you’d be looking for! Minimalism focuses on the important things while doing away with excesses. However, a minimalist home does not need to be boring. In fact, it offers many benefits, including a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance and easier-to-clean spaces. Whether you’re a new house owner or just looking to upgrade your home, read on to learn how to create the perfect minimalist bathroom and kitchen with some advice from Hansgrohe Singapore.

Accessorise sparingly.

Like small jewels, accessories add the perfect finishing touches to rooms. However, do avoid over-accessorising with decorative features which may end up cluttering the home. Accessories should be used sparingly, and home owners could consider accessories which are multi-functional and space-saving for a minimalist home. This helps make the living space much more attractive and less stressful to manage!


Spruce up your home with these accessories:

AXOR, a brand under the Hansgrohe Group, offers the high quality and timeless Universal Accessories range, which can be used individually or flexibly combined with each other. With its smooth contours, grab rails can be incorporated together with the shelf, allowing for generous accessories space as well as a towel holder. This simple and space-saving combination is a perfect solution for minimalist bathrooms. AXOR Universal Accessories are a great complement to the kitchen too as they bring comfort and beauty to the heart of your home, while also ensuring that important utensils and ingredients are within easy reach.

Opt for clean and light-filled spaces.

There should ideally be an abundance of light filling the space of a minimalist home, with light coloured surfaces and uncluttered spaces. Rooms should be designed to be spacious and clean, allowing for light to fill the room and freeing the home from unnecessary objects. For instance, use large windows to create a spacious and comfortable ambience. To complement clean and light-filled spaces, home owners can design their bathrooms with clean and minimalist bath fittings.


Spruce up your home with these accessories:

Hansgrohe offers the aesthetically-pleasing and high quality PuraVida bathroom fittings, coveted for its award-winning sculptural appearance. Its DualFinish (white/chrome) brings a new design dimension to your bathroom, allowing surfaces to seamlessly blend together while brightening the bathroom with chrome and white.

Choose space-saving products.

The key to a minimalist kitchen is to have products with clean and simple details. Open floor plans and modest storage areas are features of minimalist homes, just like clean cabinetry with simple minimalist details. And as bathrooms and kitchens become increasingly important to home owners, space saving products are also important to help free up space.


Spruce up your home with these accessories:

volkslife_hansgrohe_sBox_DrawingFor the kitchen, owners can consider the innovative hansgrohe Select technology integrated into the recently-launched hansgrohe stainless steel sink itself. A large button on the right sink rim turns water flow from the multi-jet kitchen mixer on and off, while also opening and closing the drain. Home owners can also consider integrating it with the new sBox from hansgrohe. The sBox keeps the base cabinet tidy and ensures reliable functioning. It stores the hose of the pull-out spray in a flat box specifically designed to fit standard base cabinets.





Simplify the colours.

By reducing the variety of colours and simplifying the colour schemes to two or three colours, this could help to achieve a more uniform minimalist appearance for the home and could be achieved by having the same colour, but in different textures. If the home owners decide on a darker colour scheme like black, grey or dull tones, they could consider choosing fittings in customised colours like gold, bronze or brass.


Spruce up your home with these accessories:

Almost all of AXOR bathroom fittings can be made bespoke with AXOR FinishPlus, a special service offered in Germany, with a total of 15 special finishes possible for selection! These special finishes are created with the PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) and the result is a more robust and brilliant product, which adds exclusivity and elegance.

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