Lucky in love.

You could say it was love at first sight for Golf R owner Rodney Ong when he met his wife Mindy at a food tasting event some time ago. In fact, it was in a similar fashion that the friendly couple fell for the hot hatch too. Read on to find out more about their story!   

Hi Rodney and Mindy! Could you share with us, what you do for a living?

R: I’m working in sales and my wife is a Principal at a pre-school.


So we hear you recently got married, could you tell us more about the wedding?

R: Yes, we got married in May this year. It was a small, casual wedding.

M: We held it at Park Royal on Beach Road. And our wedding car was the Beetle!


Cool! What made you decide to rent the Beetle as your wedding car, instead of using your Golf R?

R: Before I bought the Golf R, Mindy asked me to get a Beetle for her. She really likes it a lot. So I figured, since I didn’t purchase a Beetle, I’d just rent it for our special day. (laughs)

M: (nodding) Yes, from a young age, I’ve always thought the Beetle was very stylish. I love the vintage look. And I’ve always been very fascinated by its unique shape. So I was all for the idea of using it during my wedding!


So what did guests at your wedding think about the Beetle wedding car?

R: Actually a lot of the guests were amused at the number plate – because for some reason they’re quite similar to the one on my Golf R.

M: That’s actually one of the reasons why we decided to go with it, instead of the Cabriolet version.


Ah, what a coincidence! So it was sort of like fate then?

R: Yes! (laughs) But you know the best part about it? We don’t usually gamble or anything. But after our wedding, we thought – let’s just buy 4d using the car plate number to see if we’re lucky.

M: And we clinched the third prize in that draw!


You’re kidding! So I guess you had a fantastic honeymoon afterwards as well?    

M: We definitely did! We spent it in the Maldives. Really unforgettable!


Sounds amazing. Do the both of you often travel out of the country?

R: We try to! We took the Golf R out to Malacca once for a birthday trip.

M: Yes, I was surprised by how stable the drive was, even on bumpy roads in Malaysia.


Cool! Speaking of which, could you share a bit more about your Golf R? What do you like about it?

R: I love it! The punch is good. When you need power, you get it immediately. It’s a very good buy.

M: As you know, I like the Beetle. But… I have to say after traveling in the Golf R, I really like it too! I didn’t use to drive often before I met Rodney. But now I drive home in the Golf R when I can.


Great to know that you’re enjoying it. But what drove you to purchase it?

R: I just saw it on the road one day, and it really caught my attention. I was initially deciding between the Golf GTI and the Golf R, but felt I just had to have the Golf R!


Have you had any memorable moments with it?

R: Mindy liked the Golf R so much she wanted it in our wedding shots. So we have it in our pre-wedding picture.

M: Yes, coincidentally too, we had our pre-wedding shoot here at MacRitchie.


Wow, we had no idea when we invited you down to this place for the interview! That’s one coincidence too many! Dare we ask… how did the two of you meet?

R: (smiling) Actually, we met at a food tasting event hosted by my friend. Mindy was in one group, and I was in another. But the moment I saw her, I just knew she was the one. And now we’re married!    


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