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If you’re a business owner, you’ll know that many factors contribute to its success. But to keep your business running smoothly, mobility solutions need to be fuss-free and convenient. We met up with Adrian Kang, Alice Tan and Serena Wong from the Fleet Sales team, who tell us why Volkswagen is your ideal workplace companion.

Hi guys! Could you tell us more about what you do at Volkswagen?

Serena: We work on fleet sales and leasing for businesses. But a typical day for each of us differs. I manage the team and liaise with key account holders.

Alice: I’m in charge of prospecting, so I spend my time sharing more about what Volkswagen can offer them with businesses.

Adrian: As for me, I liaise with leasing companies to provide solutions for our customers. These companies are established and provide good quality services. We predominantly offer long term leases, ranging from 2 to 9 years.

What do businesses look for in a transport provider?

Adrian: Businesses want vehicles that are durable and have a low cost of ownership. And that’s exactly what Volkswagen can offer. It helps that our cars are really fuel efficient too.

What are some other perks for businesses of choosing Volkswagen for their transport needs?

Alice: There’s a Volkswagen to suit all your business needs. Besides our range of commercial vehicles, there are models like the Jetta which is a favourite among companies as staff cars, and the Passat which is a popular choice for management units.

Serena: We’re also focused on supporting customers throughout the entire journey with us. Our vehicles come with a 5-star Euro NCAP rating and are easy to handle, so your employees are always safe with less fatigue on the road. Workshop visits are also minimised, with a servicing schedule of only once every 15,000 km for passenger cars, and 20,000 km for commercial vehicles. So there’s less time spent at the workshop and more on the road.

fleet_mobileWhat do you like most about your job?

Alice: I love meeting people from all walks of life. We’ve met with Human Resource staff looking for cars to meet their budget, personal secretaries searching for the right car for their boss, even chauffeurs. Also, the sense of satisfaction you get when customers remember you – that’s a great feeling.

Serena: It’s also really fulfilling when we’re able to give customers what they need. We recently sold more than 30 LCVs to a company that really enjoyed our vehicles. I completely understand because when you drive a Caddy or Transporter, it does feel like you’re driving a passenger car!

Adrian: I agree, and have to say I love the dynamics of our team. Our skillsets really complement each other. Together, the three of us have combined experience of more than 20 years!

Do you have a favourite Volkswagen model?

Alice: It’s definitely the Golf for me. And I get to drive it too! (laughs)

Adrian: The Passat, because it’s a really well made car. For its price point, you get heaps of space and so many cool features.

Serena: I can’t wait to test drive the Beetle Cabriolet! It’s hard to choose just one, because with any Volkswagen, there’s always a sense of attachment you get with the car. It’s hard to forget the feeling you get when you’re on the road with a Volkswagen.

To find out more about how Volkswagen can support your business needs, contact our corporate fleet sales team at 6922 3600 or fill up this form today!