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It’s a fantastic feeling when you receive compliments for the work you do. And for Goh Lai Weng, a technician at Volkswagen Centre Singapore (Alexandra), it certainly happens quite a lot. Armed with a smile and sunny outlook on life, he shares more about his secrets to providing great customer service.


2Hi Lai Weng! Could you tell us more about what you do at Volkswagen?

I’ve been a technician with Volkswagen for 5 years. I service the Dialogue Reception where I perform checks on cars and help to fix issues that I discover on the spot. If the problem requires more time to solve, we schedule an appointment for the customer so a more thorough check can be performed.


Do all technicians get to work at the Dialogue Reception?

Hmm, experienced technicians are assigned to handle the work there. The technicians at the Dialogue Reception need to know how to adequately attend to queries and communicate solutions to customers.


What do you like most about working for Volkswagen?

I really like my colleagues. We work together as a team, like a family. I feel we communicate really well too and do whatever we can to help each other out. We also get the chance to attend training classes like those by our technical trainer Yadi, where we get to learn new things about the cars and different ways to approach issues.


What is the most challenging thing about your job?

Probably diagnosing ‘noise’ related concerns because it involves a lot of concentration. But it’s something you get better at over time because the more you encounter different types of noise from various parts of the car, the faster you’re able to identify it.


We’ve heard that you’ve received some compliments from customers. That must have been awesome!

Definitely! I was really quite flattered, it means a lot when people appreciate the effort I make. My colleagues were really happy for me too so it was pretty cool. (smiles)


1Is there a secret to doing your job well?

I think the most important thing is to be sincere, polite and positive. Regardless of the situation, I keep smiling at all times. Also, I think it’s very important to be patient. When customers come in, they want answers. So it’s our job to not only provide them with answers, but also explanations that are straight to the point and truthful. I tell my kids the same thing, you know? I always tell them to be cheerful and honest too.     


That’s really sound advice! Do you spend a lot of time with your kids when you’re not working?

 Yes! I bring my kids out shopping at Johor Bahru, where we stay. One’s 13 and the other is 15 – but they’re both really good kids, not going through the rebellious teenage phase yet! (laughs)


Any favourite memories of working at Volkswagen?

Every month, Volkswagen staff get to sign up for test drive experiences. My favourite was the time when I took the Golf Cabriolet out. I drove it out to Cameron highlands with my family, with the top down. It was fantastic because it was chilly and really nice to drive. The kids loved it a lot too!


Have you always wanted to be a technician?

When I was younger I wanted to pick up a new skill, so I started learning how to fix vehicles. Anything from lorries, to taxis, the classic Beetle, whatever came my way. It’s really interesting and I’m still learning new things every day. Sometimes when I learn something new, I share it with my colleagues. In exchange, they help me improve my English! (laughs)


3Do you have any words of advice for new technicians who have just joined the company?

Adapt to the environment, don’t expect the environment to adapt to you. At Volkswagen, there’s a very clear work process that we follow so as a team, we’re always on the same page. This helps us all get our work done faster and more efficiently for customers. But more importantly, keep smiling!