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Now anyone can park.

Ten years ago, Volkswagen sought to make parking a breeze for drivers everyday. The first automobile manufacturer to introduce parking assistants in their vehicles, Volkswagen Park Assist made its debut with the premiere of the Touran in 2006. It has grown increasingly intelligent over the years and now helps drivers access even the tightest of spaces accurately.

The system supports the driver by automatically performing the correct steering wheel movements to take the ideal line to park. From the measurement of the parking space, to the assignment of the starting position and steering movements, everything is automatically undertaken by this clever system. All the driver needs to do? Accelerate and brake.

At the very start, Park Assist came with a maximum of two moves and parking was only possible parallel to the road. However, it required the driver to make an allowance of the vehicle length plus another 1.4 metres when parking. By 2010, it had become more functional and user-friendly. Thanks to 12 ultrasonic sensors on the vehicle, parking in spaces lengthwise could be done quickly and so to was parking at right-angles. What’s more, the buffer size of parking space was decreased to a mere 90 cm!

Still, the engineers at Volkswagen felt they could perfect it further and sought to present a solution to forward parking too. In 2015, the third generation of Park Assist only needed 80 cm of elbow room for easy access into the parking space and even came complete with an emergency brake – thus minimising the damage of accidents.

Park Assist is available on a range of Volkswagen models in Singapore including the Passat Variant, Tiguan and more!