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Ria 89.7 FM DJs Nity Baizura and Kyrul Ashrie got to drive some lucky listeners out for lunch in the Golf SV, as part of a contest for their radio show #2BudakNakal. We managed to catch up with them for a quick chat about music, food, travel and cars, of course!


Have you always wanted to work in radio?

Nity: Yes, I’ve always loved radio! My mother listens to radio everyday so I guess I was influenced. I used to mimic the radio presenters a lot when I was little!

Kyrul: I didn’t plan on becoming a radio DJ – not because I didn’t want to, but because I wasn’t sure how. So before I got this job, I was acting, studying producing and directing. But since I won the competition ‘Aku DJ RIA’ in June and started work as a DJ, you could say I’ve found my new love.

What’s a day in the life of a radio DJ like?

K: Well, it starts out really dark… because we have to be at work by 5:30 am. (laughs)

N: Yes, I’m usually up by 4:30 am. Then we spend four hours on air, four hours of recordings, editing, interviews, and more. Though we’re not really morning people, I love doing the morning show. Our listeners want to start their day fresh with good music, and I like that I’m able to give them that.

K: And I love that our job allows us to be creative. Sometimes I go to bed at night still thinking about what I’m going to talk about during the show the next day!

Really? That sounds quite challenging!

N: Yes, quite! In order to be creative you need to keep up with trends. It’s always about what’s new and what’s next.

K: I agree. And since I’m new here, the challenge for me is to keep up with the standards set by the more experienced DJs like Nity.


Could you tell us more about the contest you did for your show?  

N: Sure! The contest was called ‘#2BudakNakal Makan Free’ and it lasted for eight weeks. Each week, one lucky contestant was chosen and we’d drive them out in the Golf SV for a free meal.

K: Yes, to participate, listeners had to leave comments on RIA 89.7 FM’s Facebook page and we’d pick our favourite answers. Nity always picks the very touching comments, but I usually choose the really funny ones that make me laugh.

Cool! What did you guys think about the Sportsvan?

N: It was really spacious! And being a mother of two, I totally understand the importance of space. I also like the auto headlights because sometimes I do forget to turn them on during rainy days.

K: It was really comfortable. Usually hatchback type cars aren’t for me because I get quite claustrophobic, and also my legs are pretty long. But for this car, I could stretch out and even lie down. I also really liked its connectivity features. I could just plug my phone in, play my music or answer calls on-the-go.

Were there any memorable incidents during the contest?

K: We met one listener who’s a big Volkswagen fan! At the end of the lunch, we gave him a Volkswagen goodie bag, and he gifted us with a miniature Kombi from his collection.

N: Yes, it was really sweet of him! There was also another contestant who was really shy. So to make her feel more comfortable, I kept talking all the way from Tuas to Bedok – that’s a really long drive by the way! But by the end of the day I had a sore throat and had to take an MC the next day! (laughs)

K: But it could have been because you ate jeruk (preserved fruit) and you weren’t supposed to…

N: (laughing guiltily) True, but how can anyone resist it? I mean preserved fruit in vinegar and everything. You only live once, am I right?


Speaking of treats, how far have you travelled for good food?

N: Probably Johor? My husband and I love Tony Roma’s but it’s only halal across the border. So whenever we’re craving for it, we just get in our car and go!

K: Well, once I heard about The Gorpis at the Kopi XOXO in KL, I knew I had to try it. It’s basically goreng pisang (fried banana fritters) with chocolate and cheese toppings. So the next time I was in KL, I tried it and it was totally worth it.

How about closer to home? Any recommendations you’d like to share?

K: Try T Bob’s Corner at Bedok for good steak. Or if you’re out with a group of friends and want to share your food, there’s Pu3 Restaurant’s Nasi Ambeng at Bencoolen Street.

N: Also, A.B. Shaik’s Cucina at Aperia Mall has really delicious mushroom pizza!

With the holidays approaching, do you have any travel plans?

K: I’m off to Yogyakarta in December! But one day, my goal is to be able to travel Europe – maybe see Greece or even Croatia. And Nity is doing a Malaysia tour…

N: (laughing) I’m heading to Bandung first actually, then Pahang and Kuala Lumpur – a family holiday! Once my kids are old enough, I’d love to take them to Japan and Dubai as well!

Any last words to share with our readers?

N: Tune in to our show because we’re unpredictable and really… just full of nonsense! If you want to start your day on a fresh, lighthearted note, then give us a listen from 6-10 am on RIA 89.7 FM! We play a mix of both English and Malay songs too!

K: Also, from January onwards, I’ll be producing a new radio programme every Saturday night in collaboration with a club DJ from the Netherlands. So do look out for it!


To find out more about what these fun-loving DJs and their contestants got up to during ‘#2BudakNakal Makan Free’, watch the videos on the RIA 89.7 FM Facebook page here!