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Revitalise your Volkswagen in 2 easy steps.

Say goodbye to small dents, scratches or chips with the new 2-in-1 Paint Revitalise package which offers the repair and repainting of up to 3 panels of your Volkswagen.

Also, to perfectly complement this treatment, high tech Diamondbrite Nano Sealant will be applied on your Volkswagen to give it the star treatment it deserves. Not only will it give your car’s paintwork that extra shine, it will also help protect against UV rays, bird droppings, tree sap, dust, acid rain and more.


To book your package, call +65 6305 7299 today!


*Terms & conditions apply. Prices valid for a limited time only.

** In order to confirm that your car qualifies for the 2-in-1 Paint Revitalise Package, Volkswagen Centre Singapore will conduct an assessment of your vehicle free of charge. This package will not be applicable to roof top and rocker panel repairs. Additional labour charges may apply if the dent is larger than the size of a Singapore 50-cent coin. Additional labour charges may also apply if the paint surfaces require correction to remove swirl marks, water marks, tree sap and bird dropping marks before the Diamondbrite application.

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