Safe tips for rainy days.

Have the recent downpours got you worried about driving safely on the roads? Then read on for some quick tips to keep your Volkswagen running perfectly in adverse weather conditions. 

Driving tips

Safe tips for rainy days-01Slow and steady.

In bad weather conditions, drive below the speed limit, be extra careful around curves and allow for some space between you and the car in front of you as braking distance increases by at least 40% on wet roads. It will also allow you to better anticipate road conditions and what other motorists may do.


Safe tips for rainy days-02Light it up.

During periods of heavy rain or haze, be sure to keep your headlights on. If visibility remains an issue, turn your fog lights on too.



Safe tips for rainy days-03Dry as a whistle.

If you have driven into a deep puddle, do not fret. Drive gently ahead without speeding up. Do not stop your car or water may seep into the tail pipe and engine, causing the engine to seize. Instead, make use of brake disc wipers which come with Volkswagen cars. By applying the brake pads to the brake discs, unwanted films of water are removed to maximise brake performance.



Safe tips for rainy days-04Tyres.

Check tyres for damage regularly and remove foreign bodies embedded in the treads. Also ensure that your tyres are of the right pressure. The correct pressure can be found inside the fuel flap of your vehicle.



Safe tips for rainy days-05Lights.

Visibility is key in the rain, so have your car lights (headlamps, brake lights, etc.) properly tested at the Dialogue Reception at our service centres.



Safe tips for rainy days-06Wiper blades.

Do check that your wipers are working effectively at all speeds. You should clean them regularly with a window cleaning solution and a soft sponge or cloth. Aim to change your wiper blades at least once a year.



Safe tips for rainy days-07Brakes.

When it rains, water gets into the brake pads and disks, reducing brake efficiency. Dry out brakes as much as possible too.



Be sure your Volkswagen is ready for the road this rainy season by stopping by at our Dialogue Reception for a quick vehicle check or our Service Centres to check if your brakes, wiper blades or other car parts require replacing!