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ŠKODA showstoppers in Paris.

The exciting line-up from ŠKODA thrilled guests at the Paris Motor Show earlier this month. Curious to learn more about these showstoppers? Read on!    

volkslife_VISION_RS_2018_motorshowŠkoda Vision RS.

This Škoda Vision RS combines the best of sporty RS models and compact vehicles. With an emphasis on sustainability, the RS features recycled carbon fibre and vegan materials. The plug-in hybrid drive concept combines a 1.5-litre petrol engine with 150 PS of power, along with an electric motor that increases its overall power to 245 PS. It’s also highly eco-efficient with CO2 emissions at just 33 g/km, and is able to travel up to 70 km purely electrically!

volkslife_KODIAQ_RS_2018_motorshowŠkoda Kodiaq RS.

The most powerful production diesel in ŠKODA history and the first SUV in the RS family, the Škoda Kodiaq RS also made its debut at the show. Even ahead of its premiere in Paris, this 7-seater SUV proved its worth on the track, setting a lap record of 9 minutes and 29.84 seconds on Nürburgring’s Nordschleife. It is also the first SUV to feature the new RS logo and the first ŠKODA model to come with 20-inch alloy wheels and the new Dynamic Sound Boost.

volkslife_KAROQ_SPORTLINE_2018_motorshowŠkoda Karoq Sportline.

Another impressive model that made its debut at the show was the new Škoda Karoq Sportline. This new variant of the versatile compact SUV that was first launched in 2017 comes with a 2.0 TSI engine and 190 PS of power. Various changes were made to its design to give it a more emotive and refined look. Some additions include new black sport seats, which give its interior a sportier feel.

volkslife_KAROQ_SCOUT_2018_motorshowŠkoda Karoq Scout.

Also impressing showgoers was another member of the Karoq family – the adventure-seeking Škoda Karoq Scout. This new off-road variant comes with all-wheel drive and a more rugged design. Silver plastic elements provide all-round protection for its elegant body while chrome strips surround the radiator grille and side windows.

volkslife_OCTAVIA_G_TEC_2018_motorshowŠkoda Octavia Combi G-Tec.

For an even more eco-friendly ride, the Škoda Octavia Combi G-Tec reduces CO2 emissions by around 25% by running on compressed natural gas instead of petrol. In addition, it produces significantly less nitrogen oxide as well. The Škoda Octavia Combi G-Tec is also able to travel an impressive 480 km on environmentally friendly natural gas alone!

Guests were also invited to immerse themselves in the digital world at the ŠKODA User Experience corner. Participants created their own avatars and got to discover innovations and mobility services from Škoda Auto DigiLab. Stay tuned for more news on the ŠKODA brand!