Innovation Lifebytes

It’s almost time for the school holidays. If you’re thinking of taking your loved ones out for an exciting drive up north, impress them by doing things the ŠKODA smart way. You can thank us later!

Keep the rain at bay.

So you’ve just pulled up at a rest stop for quick bite with your family but it suddenly starts pouring and you can’t help but notice a lack of sheltered walkways to the eateries inside. Don’t fret – ŠKODA models like the Karoq, Octavia and Rapid Spaceback come equipped with handy umbrella storage slots under the front passenger seat. If you’re driving the Kodiaq or Superb, you’ll find similar slots cleverly located in the front door compartment as well. Just don’t forget to pack your brolly before the trip!




Savour the small things.

We’re firm believers that an enjoyable road trip isn’t just about having fun at your destination. What makes everything that much more enjoyable is the journey. Models like the Kodiaq come equipped with a panoramic sunroof so that you can sit back and enjoy some fresh air or gaze at the open sky above. If you’re travelling at night, your passengers may be in a need of a quick snooze. Cars like the Kodiaq also come with foot area illumination to enhance the overall ambiance.




Maximise your space.

You’ve probably already heard that ŠKODA models come with plenty of boot space for your shopping needs. However, there are some easy tricks you can try to create even more space. For one, the Octavia comes with two sturdy hooks in the boot to allow you to hang bags of snacks or other loose items that might spill out if placed on the boot floor. Similarly too, the Kodiaq and Superb come with a boot net which is secured in place with hooks. The netting helps hold items like golf clubs or sporting equipment while you travel over bumpy roads. On other models like the Karoq, you’ll find the universal fixative element which helps keep loose items in place too! What’s more, the Kodiaq and Superb also come with an LED torch fitted in the boot, so you’ll have an easier time searching for items that might have toppled over in the dark.




Hydrate on-the-go.  

If you’re going to be travelling for long hours without stopping at any shops or eateries, it’s advisable to bring along enough water or drinks to stay hydrated during your journey. As a tip, be sure to make use of the innovative beverage storage features on ŠKODA models to hold your favourite drinks! While the Octavia and Rapid Spaceback come equipped with cupholders in the rear seat armrests so passengers can have their fill, the nifty easy-open cup holder on the Superb allows the driver to easily store and open/close their drinks with just one hand.




Keep your pups protected.

Taking your best friend (i.e. your favourite canine!) out on the road with you? Then don’t leave home without the ŠKODA dog safety belt to keep your pet safe and secure all journey through. Apart from preventing your dog from moving around freely during the drive, it also stabilises your pet during times of abrupt braking or evasive manoeuvres. This handy seat belt easily fits over your pet’s chest and is fixed into the car’s safety belt.




Touch (or not) and go.

You may have gone a little overboard at the mall and used your “because it was on sale” excuse one time too many, but that’s okay! We’re sure they’ll fit snugly in your ŠKODA. But instead of fiddling with your car keys and struggling to get the boot open while balancing all your shopping purchases, why not just make use of the virtual pedal of the Kodiaq? Though the tailgate can be easily operated via an easy press of a button on the tailgate or key, the optional virtual pedal will allow for touchless opening and a closing of the tailgate.




It’s the clever, little things that go a long way to make life a breeze! Learn how you can drive ŠKODA smart here! For more advice on planning the perfect road trip, click here!