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The spookiest time of the year approaches – we’re talking about Halloween of course! Whether you’re planning to dress up in your favourite costumes or binge watch classic horror flicks with your friends, we know just the thing to get you in the Halloween mood. Here are some of our favourite creepy stories that you can share with your friends at your next Halloween party, or even on long car rides…if you dare.

(Editor’s note: Not for the faint hearted! Stories edited for consistency.)



Though this incident happened to local singer and entertainer Taufik Batisah more than 5 years ago, it still creeps him out to this day.

He was driving his friends home after supper around 2am. At the junction of Bukit Timah Road and Eng Neo Avenue, one of his friends said that she was feeling nauseous and wanted to exit the car. So, he turned onto a smaller road headed towards Turf City and let her out.

After some time had passed, they noticed that she hadn’t returned and Taufik went to check on her. When he found her, she wasn’t puking. She was sitting by a big drain. Worried that she might fall in, Taufik tried to get her to move away from the drain, but was met with much resistance. When he asked her what was wrong she said, “So poor thing, that girl in the drain. She’s puking there all alone.” There was nobody there. And his friend didn’t look nauseous any longer.

Thoroughly shaken, Taufik scooped her up and carried her back to the car. While she was inside, she just sat there, bobbing forward and back with her long hair. His other friends started saying some prayers, but all it did was make the girl squirm, laugh and cry. Taufik continued his drive towards her home.

Upon reaching her block, more prayers were said and eventually they managed to get ‘the spirit’ which they believed had possessed her out of her body. His friend seemed lost and asked, “Why didn’t you stop just now?”

The girl eventually headed home, and Taufik called her sister to explain what had happened. Later that night, her sister called him back saying, “She keeps telling me to go back there because that girl is all alone and asking for help.”

(Source: Channel News Asia)



A driver in the US was driving home late at night from Pittsburgh to visit his family and friends. As he was driving, he was talking to his little brother on the phone. In the middle of the conversation, his brother suddenly paused and asked “Who are you bringing home with you?” Puzzled, the driver informed him he was going alone. “Why do you ask?” the driver asked.

“Because I hear a little girl laughing at the end of the line,” his brother said.

(Source: Thought Catalog)



Ravisatham, a taxi driver was en route to Sime Road after dropping off a drunk passenger. The passenger had vomited in his taxi, and while disgusted, he was also thankful that his shift was coming to an end.

A short while later, he saw an old lady flagging his taxi. She had surprisingly long grey hair and was in a white dress. She gave him the chills, so he followed his instincts and drove past her. Almost immediately, he noticed that the smell of vomit in his taxi had dissipated and been replaced by a heavy scent of jasmine.

He thought he was imagining it and decided to simply carry on. But for the rest of the month, any toddler who entered his taxi would start crying hysterically and children would quieten down suddenly. Every passing day, he’d find new aches in his arms, legs and body.

Frightened, he approached a master who told him there had been a dead woman and her child sitting in his taxi for the past month. After saying prayers, the master managed to tie the spirits to a tree.

In the time after that, the taxi driver’s aches improved but he never went back to Sime Road.

(Source: Weekender Singapore)




A driver and his friend were driving along a highway when he heard a strange grinding noise coming from below. Concerned, he pulled over at a rest stop and was in the midst of explaining the situation to his friend when he heard the sound of a child crying from the toilets nearby.

There weren’t any other cars around but they decided to check it out anyway. They had heard stories on the radio about child trafficking and kidnapping in the area they were in. They realised that the low, dull sobbing was coming from the women’s toilet. They rushed in to discover that there was no one inside – but the sound of crying persisted. Confused, they began searching for speakers or cameras and found nothing. The driver opened the top window vent of the toilet and the noise stopped. Just as he turned around to express his surprise, the window slammed shut behind him.

Now thoroughly creeped out, both friends left the toilet and decided to get back into the car and head off. However, the grinding noise that they initially heard from their car continued and they felt it was best to pull up to the nearest repair shop. The mechanic there hoisted it up and showed them that the source of the noise was a red piece of metal wedged underneath their car.

When it was removed, the metal was found to have come from a small bicycle – a child’s bicycle.

(Source: Ghosts and Ghouls)



Seng, a taxi driver was at Jurong West at about 2am in search of passengers. Eventually, he spotted a teenager who flagged his taxi. The teenager seemed a little drunk. Seng, being a father himself, wanted to make sure the teenager got home safe. Throughout the trip, the passenger was quiet – and there were no beeps or buzzes from his iPhone.

When Seng arrived at the drop off point in Joo Koon, the passenger seemed to sober up immediately. He passed Seng $10 on each hand. Seng thought it was strange until he realised that not one, but two passengers had exited his taxi.

Seng never went back to Joo Koon after that day.

(Source: Weekender Singapore)


If you’re planning to drive out to Halloween parties or even arranging a spooky little road trip of your own, be sure that your car is in perfect condition for the journey ahead by booking a service appointment today. Happy Halloween!