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Your big day’s approaching and you’re all flustered trying to find out if you’ve missed out anything important. You might even be starting to regret not hiring a wedding planner… Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with this handy list so you’ll be all set in no time!

volkslife_wedding-planning_1Pack early for your honeymoon.

Leaving for a romantic getaway right after your wedding? Don’t let last-minute packing ruin all the fun on your big day. Prepare everything you need at least two weeks in advance to save yourself from unnecessary stress.


volkslife_wedding-planning_2“Double confirm” arrangements.

You’ve done a great job making arrangements with your photographer, venue management, food provider and the like. Don’t forget to verify important details such as the date, place, time, set-up and take down with them too. Aim to do this a week before your wedding. It doesn’t hurt to check!


volkslife_wedding-planning_3Plan out snack time.

Regardless of what time of day your wedding ceremony or banquet is taking place, be sure to stay hydrated and satiated. It’s no surprise that many couples don’t have enough time for a full meal during the ceremony, what with entertaining guests or snapping photos with friends. As such, be sure to grab a quick bite just before the event so you’re all fueled up for fun!


volkslife_wedding-planning_12Dream up your perfect wedding car.

Can’t decide on the perfect car to ferry you to the ceremony? Worry not – once you’ve laid your eyes on the gorgeous white Beetle or Beetle Cabriolet wedding cars, you’ll never have eyes for another. Make a booking through CarClub here!


volkslife_wedding-planning_5Prepare the ultimate amenity kit.

Load up a pouch with important emergency supplies you may (unexpectedly) need during the ceremony. These could be anything from make-up, medication, breath mints, a sewing kit and more. Pass it to a trusted friend or member of your wedding party to hold on to throughout the event.


volkslife_wedding-planning_6Have some me-time.

In the midst of all the hectic planning, it’s important to spend some time on you. Give yourself a day to just rest and relax – no wedding talk allowed. Hang out at the beach with your friends, listen to your favourite tunes, or take some time to reflect on how important your partner is to you.


volkslife_wedding-planning_7Give your wedding party a ride home.

In the months of preparation and planning leading up to your big day, your bridesmaids and groomsmen have undoubtedly been reliable pillars of support. To show your appreciation, you could make arrangements for their transport home after the event. If you’ve forgotten about this and it’s too late to hire chauffeured transport, do not fret. Call in a favour from a close friend or two and have them sign up as CarClub members to drive your wedding party around (you can thank him later!) They’ll be able to rent a car for as short as 1-hour, and booking is on-demand and instantaneous too!


volkslife_wedding-planning_11Nominate a gift or ang pow box caretaker.

At most weddings, guests often show their appreciation by gifting the couple with presents or ang pow packets and the like. Don’t forget to designate a member of the wedding party to take good care of your gifts for you. Whether they’ll be storing them in the bridal room or in the spacious boot of their ŠKODA or Volkswagen, it’s always good to know that your precious gifts are kept safe.


volkslife_wedding-planning_10Prepare ‘thank you’ envelopes or gifts.

Regardless of culture or tradition, it’s important to thank everyone who has helped you out for the wedding in one way or another. Some couples choose to extend their appreciation to their bridesmaids and groomsmen by handing out angpow packets, or simple thank you notes with a personalised gift. Whichever you decide on, be sure to prepare these gifts in advance so you won’t forget to hand them out on your big day! 


volkslife_wedding-planning_9Brace for rain.

If you’ve been planning your dream outdoor wedding for months, you probably have a comprehensive wet weather plan prepared. However, most couples who plan indoor weddings tend to overlook the need to have a rainy day itinerary. The easiest way to plan this is by picturing the route the majority of your guests will take to your wedding venue. If needed, have your wedding party set up directional signs at the location or usher guests along the ‘driest’ route to the wedding hall or restaurant.


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