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The scent of romance.

It’s been said that love comes easy, but being in a relationship takes precious time and effort. With the purpose of helping couples achieve healthier and long lasting ties, Volkswagen set out to share the love on 16 February at the Volkswagen Date Night at their Alexandra showroom.


It's a Volkswagen date night!


The evening began with a heartfelt talk about marriage and relationship roles by Arthur Ling, Deputy Director of Fei Yue Community Services, an organisation dedicated to effect life transformations through quality social services. The lovebirds shared some special moments and even cosied up after cute couple activities led by Arthur.

With a greater understanding of their significant other, the couples (and their noses!) were then treated to a perfume workshop by olfactory specialists Je t’aime. After completing a perfume personality questionnaire to discover new things about their partners, participants created a special blend based on their significant others’ preferences – with one part love, one part creativity and healthy dose of the unique ingredients provided, of course!


It's a Volkswagen date night!


With a memorable night well spent, the happy lovebirds left the showroom hand in hand, all romanced.



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