What drives you?

A Volkswagen is much more than just a car, as these owners can attest to. Discover their stories through these videos, and find the smile behind every mile!




The Changaroths are a car-crazy family, brought together by their love of road trips and an even greater love for each other. They share why their Volkswagen has been an integral family member of theirs after all these years.


Terence Chan is a true modern-day craftsman, with an impeccable appreciation for detail. Which might also be why he drives the car he does.


Chung Tze Khit is an entrepreneur, a trainer, and most importantly, someone you can always rely on. And just like his car, you can always trust him to get you where you want to be.


Tommy Wee believes in finding balance in all things, and that includes having a reliable routine. Just like Volkswagen, he takes nothing for granted. Because that’s how he takes care of what matters the most.


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